“THE BEST OF 2015 – 2022”

RD: August 26, 2022

The summer of 2022 seems like the perfect time for ALVARO SOLER to take stock, considering that the last seven years of his music career could easily be straight from a fairy tale. With his three studio albums, ETERNO AGOSTO (2015), MAR DE COLORES (2018), and MAGIA (2021), as well as a string of hit singles such as “Sofia,” “La Cintura,” or “La Libertad,” he has amassed a total of over six billion streams and has achieved more than 150 gold and platinum awards worldwide. Following shows and releases with fellow stars such as Cali Y El Dandee, David Bisbal, Flo Rida, Tini, Morat, Gims, Jennifer Lopez or Birdy, TV commitments in the Italian “X Factor” and the German edition of “The Voice Kids,” and features in the blockbuster “Despicable Me 3” as well as the Disney production “Encanto,” ALVARO SOLER landed the highest chart entry to date with his current album. Meanwhile, he’s heading towards another European summer hit with the new track “Solo Para Ti” featuring BRITs and Billboard nominee Topic.

It’s not hard facts that define ALVARO SOLER, but his attitude towards life. This accomplished artist, who grew up in Barcelona and Tokyo and is fluent in six languages, manifests positivity in more ways than his music: “I’m very grateful for my success, of course, but it has little value in my private life. I want people to relate to my world, and it does not just consist of a polished Instagram profile. Life is short – its purpose is to have fun and be as happy as possible. Love, friendship, and team spirit are important to me, and I would like to be an example that nobody is perfect.” This is one of the reasons why Alvaro’s range is as broad as life itself: from bittersweet love songs bursting with honesty and insatiable melancholy to deep tracks with delicate percussion and orchestral notes and onwards to cheerful, organic pop featuring dance and flamenco influences. After years on the international scene, he has developed his own authentic sound that is instantly recognizable in airplay charts from Buenos Aires to Berlin.

This year, the 31-year-old is coming full circle with THE BEST OF 2015 – 2022, finally featuring his most successful hits and remixes on one record. A sped up version of his 2015 debut single “El Mismo Sol” is currently going viral, inspiring over 80,000 TikTok creations in just three weeks and counting. With “MAGIA,” which, by his own account, represents his songwriting at its most intimate and mature, ALVARO SOLER has reached a new peak in his career but he’s already working on new music at full speed. Until then, the 20 tracks on the August release THE BEST OF 2015 – 2022 represent a comprehensive selection of his most important songs. Compiled for an unforgettable, highly deserved summer 2022.

THE BEST OF 2015 – 2022 will be released on August 26; the vinyl edition drops on September 30, 2022



Solo Para Ti [Alvaro Soler x Topic] Candela [Alvaro Soler x Nico Santos] La Cintura


El Mismo Sol

La Libertad

A Contracorriente [Alvaro Soler x David Bisbal]

Manila (Ray Dalton x Alvaro Soler]

Yo Contigo, Tú Conmigo [Morat x Alvaro Soler]

Mañana [Alvaro Soler x Cali Y El Dandee]



Si Te Vas



Libre [Italian version – Alvaro Soler x Emma]

Alma De Luz

La Cintura [Remix – feat. Flo Rida x Tini]

El Mismo Sol (Under The Same Sun) [Alvaro Soler x Jennifer Lopez]