„SOLO PARA TI“ – release date: 22.04.2022


Maybe it’s the deep, emotional Spanish soul – or because he knows the constant melancholy of traveling and letting go all his life: ALVARO SOLER writes unique bitter-sweet love songs that even illuminate a final farewell with a hopeful look ahead. Now he’s entering new musical genre territory by releasing his new single SOLO PARA TI, a fusion of ALVARO’s signature, deeply felt, passionate Pop with airy, casual EDM.

“The song is about the time after a breakup – when everything hurts, but at the same time you know it’s better that way. There is no other solution to this dilemma between head and heart than to fight your way through. It’s a reality check that connects us all because almost everyone has experienced it.”

There was a similar connection during the creation process of the track – the exciting collaboration with TOPIC, one of the world’s biggest DJs and producers and founder of “Melancholic Dance Music”. Nominated at this year’s BRIT and Billboard Awards and decorated with the Los40 Award, the German powerhouse is playing the biggest stages all over the world. His 2019 hit single “Breaking Me”, which earned more than 1, 9 billion combined streams, was # 1 in the US dance charts and got certified gold, platinum and Diamond in 28 countries. “I had been following Alvaro for a long time when the idea came up to do a track together. I’ve always been interested in combining Spanish-language songs with dance elements, and so we met in a recording studio in Berlin. The first version of SOLO PARA TI was created in just two days during intensive team sessions.”

ALVARO SOLER describes the cooperation as particularly organic: “I’ve known Topic for a long time and I was extremely happy to see his worldwide breakthrough and success. For me he is one of the dopest DJs in recent years and to do a track with him was such a cool experience. I’m super happy with the result and really proud of the song – of course I’m entering a new world with SOLO PARA TI because I had nothing to do with EDM before, but I’m looking forward to surprising people with it.” The accompanying elaborately created video shows the two charismatic stars in an emotional roller coaster ride and from a completely unexpected angle…

Following over 150 certified gold and platinum awards worldwide and a total of 5.3 billion combined streams, ALVARO SOLER secured the highest chart entry of his career with his current album MAGIA in 2021. He is a jury member at the TV hit show “The Voice Kids” and dubbed both the German and the Italian version of the Disney blockbuster “Encanto”. With SOLO PARA TI (“engl: Only for you”) ALVARO SOLER is turning the spotlight back to his main passion by presenting the perfect collab and an irresistible club anthem.