Release: 08.09.2023

Alvaro Soler breaks new ground! With the release of his latest single ‘Oxígeno’ (engl. “oxygen”), the outstanding Barcelona-born artist shows a new musical side that takes his brand to a new level. A mix of reggaeton and dance elements come together with catchy melodies and beats in a way that we haven’t heard from the multilingual artist before. This is a reflection of his musical curiosity and willingness to try things out and explore new directions.

It wasn’t until the spring of this year that this willingness to break new ground manifested itself. He decided to release his music with a new team and a new label (Epic Records/Sony Music). The first releases followed: the focus single ‘Muero’ and the live track ‘Para Vivirla’, which was released for the live festival tour. The first of these turned out to be a real hit on the radio and on streaming in Europe. In Germany, the song reached #6 on the German airplay charts and currently has almost 10 million streams worldwide. The song is a modern, instantly catchy feel-good track, somewhere between disco and Latin pop, with a groovy guitar and danceable beats, opening up the new world of Alvaro Soler.

With ‘Oxígeno’ the artist goes one step further. For the first time you can hear Alvaro toying with heavily Latin-inspired beats and reggaeton elements, but influences from electronic dance music also come into play, giving the song a strong urban and modern feel that will surprise many Alvaro Soler fans. “Oxígeno’ is about trying something new. The song has crazy sounds and elements […] and is like an experiment for me to combine sounds from Latin America, Reggaeton and also Japanese influences,” says Alvaro about his new single.

The accompanying music video captures this mix of influences. Shot in Madrid, Spain, in an industrial area with many cars from the Japanese and European tuning scene, the video is full of energy and drive. “Just like the song, we tried something new for the music video. […] and at the same time bring back old worlds, like a time machine,” explains Alvaro Soler, referring to his time in Japan, where he lived for many years. He was already a big fan of the local car tuning scene and was fascinated by all the cars, their owners and the whole deal. “I remember that time very well and how fascinated I was by the car tuning scene. There were all these crazy cars and neon lights everywhere that excited me. You could feel the passion of the people. […] So it’s really great to be able to combine that with ‘Oxígeno’ and create a nice combination between all my different influences and worlds,” explains Alvaro.

After all, it was Alvaro’s dream to become a car designer while studying industrial design. The artist even speaks a few words of Japanese with relative ease. So this part of Alvaro makes perfect sense and fits perfectly into the music video, as Alvaro not only shows new sides of himself visually and musically, but also reveals some characteristics and passions that many of his fans did not know yet.

Alvaro began the journey to this new artist identity and sound some time ago. Without pressure or deadlines, the 32-year-old explored completely different musical directions – without ever being untrue to himself and his typical signature sound, but instead revealing a previously unknown facet of his music. “I gave myself the freedom to experiment and go way out of my comfort zone. […] I believe that through this new way of working, I’ve also created a new relationship with myself. A connection that has been missing for the last few years. With these new songs I have […] completely rediscovered my passion for music”.

Talent, passion and an almost boundless creative curiosity are the most important impulses in the career of the exceptional musician Alvaro Soler. Three priceless qualities that have made the German-Spanish superstar one of the most successful and popular solo artists in Europe and beyond. With over two million units of his three studio albums sold to date, more than five billion combined audio and video streams, over 150 gold and platinum awards and many millions of enthusiastic fans, Alvaro Soler now presents his own personal, evolved and modern vision of Latin Pop!

So what does Alvaro Soler sound like in 2023 – in his own words? “He sounds brave, modern, grown up, curious,” says the singer and musician. “He just sounds good. And maybe a bit mysterious. [I think my fans will be pleasantly surprised!”